In 2016, ISO has issued the international anti-bribery standard ISO 37001: 2016 so that a company can demonstrate to the main shareholders and potential clients that it is committed to anti-bribery practices not only within its own operations, but also in transactions throughout its global value chain.
The threats of bribery and corruption have tangible business implications. The risk of being exposed to bribery, even if purely perceived, has the potential to destroy something much more difficult to regain: trust in your organization
Implementing and managing a bribery risk model can go a long way to helping a company protect its long-term brand reputation and the integrity of its operations, and builds more trust in its customers and internal staff.
It is applicable to all organizations, both public and private. It provides the requirements to implement an anti-corruption management system to improve compliance control on corruption, active and passive. The SMC is accredited by SNAS to issue ISO 37001: 2016 certificates for all EA sectors