Customers, markets, citizens and the community are always looking for better products and services. Companies, as well istitutions, have to meet those quality requirements.
With a Quality Management System, they can show to the people how much important is quality and the customers’ care.
With a management system that satisy the ISO 9001 standard, organizations can:

  • show their capacity for producing goods according to the customers and the laws requirements;
  • increase the satisfaction of the customer through the effective application of the system, including the processes that improve the system and assure the conformity to requirement of the customer.

The demand about quality – quality of the production processes, quality of products and services, quality of the decisional and administrative procedures, quality of the support to the customers – constitutes more and more an element of development for our society.
A company, private or public, that implements a quality management system has the instruments to increase the satisfaction of the customers, improve the inner processes and decrease the risk that the expectations of the customers are not satisfied.