When a company adopts an Environmental Management System, it will able to respect national and local laws and to manage all those activities that have an impact to the environment too.
The company determines, and comunicates, its own Environmental Politic, with plans to improve all the environmental aspects of its businnes.
It is very important to integrate Environment with Quality, to realize a Management System that includes also problems related to Safety and Health.
Environment and Territory
Sustainable development, eco-compatibility, prevention of pollution and continuous improvement are terms that entrepreneurs and public administrators cannot ignore: to valutate environmental impacts is a way to determine the risks of productive activities, in order to put into effect an efficient system to manage them
Advantages of the certification
Adopting an Environmental Management System, is a strategic choice that demands an economic and organizational effort that:

  • produces – even in the short term – remarkable economic returns
  • allows to improve the environmental performance
  • guarantees the respect of legislation